Conquistas - Rise of the Tomb Raider - Lara Croft BR


Jogo Principal

1Incendiária (Firestarter) – Derrotar dois inimigos ou mais usando um único Coquetel Molotov
Como conseguir: Make Molotov Cocktails and try to splatter an entire group with one of them. If you’re lucky, you can get this done in the actual room where you learn how to craft Molotovs. Aim the Molotov into the middle of a group and let your fire fly.
2Briga de bar (Bar Brawl)  Matar um inimigo usando uma garrafa
Como conseguir: Pick up a Bottle while sneaking into an area. Use a melee attack on a weak Soldier and kill the guy with your Bottle. This is easiest to do on low difficulty runs through the beginning of Soviet Installation. There are Bottles and Soldiers in the front of the area.
3Recuperação rápida (Rapid Recovery) Curar-se 3 vezes durante o combate
Como conseguir: Use the left bumper during combat to heal yourself. This requires Herbs and Cloth, but they are both found abundantly throughout the world. Lara learns how to heal herself quite early in the game, so this is an easy Achievement to snag.
4Renegada (Renegade) Empurrar 5 inimigos de beiradas com um ataque corporal
Como conseguir: To assist in this, look for ledges that don’t have much line of sight around them. These are your ideal candidates because you can start a fight and then run away. Hide on the ledge, out of sight, and force the enemies to come after you. Once they’re close to the edge, charge forward and use melee attacks to knock them back. Don’t use any finishers, because that won’t get you the kills you’re looking for. The Lost City has quite a few deadly drops that are good for this Achievement.
5Desafio triplo (Triple Threat)  Eliminar 3 inimigos com 1 tiro de Escopeta
Como conseguir: This is easiest to do on low difficulty, and in areas where groups are common. Wolf caves have clusters of targets.
6Um velho amigo confiável (A Trusty Old Friend) – Eliminar 5 inimigos em 10 segundos usando qualquer fuzil
Como conseguir: You need to kill five enemies with any type of Rifle, and you only have ten seconds to do it. The SMG, on a low difficulty run through an area, is your best bet for this.